Horizontal and Multi-Leg Well Programs

Amiskowan takes great pride in their geologists' ability to land builds and then maintain the wellpath in the reservoir as desired by the client.  We work within the client's parameters to ensure that the wellpath is being drilled as desired.  We take the time to study offset wells so that isopaching and correlating the well being drill optimizes the landing point based on the drill program and enhances reservoir drilling in the lateral.

Some client's prefer a more hands on approach, while other clients put their trust in our geologist's abilities to maintain pay throughout the duration of the well.  Whatever the parameters are, our geologists' work is built on the quality and detail and the assurance that communication with the client, and all other stakeholders, meets and exceeds expectations.

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Strat Well Programs

Amiskowan prides itself on the attention to detail in their evaluation of drill cuttings and analyzing data such as gas detection, ROP, gamma logging, and engineering and drilling data.  On site we utilize the necessary tools to pride highly detailed logs.  Amiskowan wellsite geologists have experience in drilling both water and oil based muds as well as underbalanced drilling.  We will also ensure we provide quality reporting and adhear to the communication strategy as set out in agreement with the client.

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Logging Supervision

Wireline - our geologists will ensure the timely arrival of the third party wireline logging company.  Once on site, the loggers and the our geologist will go over well profile details and the logging program to ensure accuracy of the logs.  Throughout the process of logging the well, our geologists maintain communication with the lead logging engineer to ensure outcomes are being achieved.  Once logging is completed, initial logs and quick posts will be delivered in a timely manner to the client and log interpretations will be commenced by our Amiskowan wellsite geologist and picks will be sent to the client.  Loggers will only be released once the client is satisfied that the logging program has been successfully completed.


MWD - Amiskowan wellsite geologists work with the directional company representatives on site to ensure data parameters and outcomes are achieved and that data flow and anaylsis is easily achieved.  With leadership and communication, geosteering for landing builds and in horizontal wells is easily navigable.

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Wellsite Key / Microscope Loans

Are you a consultant and require a software key or microscope for short term?  We would be happy to supply you with one at a marginal rate.  Contact us for a rate sheet.

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On-Site and Remote Geo-Steering

Real-time remote monitoring of streaming data from the wellsite to a remote location is becoming more and more mainstream.  Expert and advanced wellsite geologists who have a breadth of knowledge and experience from field work can utilize their skill set to steer wells and still have exception rates of pay and hit targets.  From landing the build to maintaining the bit in pay, geo-streering with the advanced software available and masterful work of graphing utilizing the network of offset data has allowed remote geo-steering geologists to decrease costs for the client yet maintain effectiveness.  Remote geo-steering is a viable alternative for clients who are drilling in shale plays and overdeveloped fields.  Contact us for more information.

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Coring Programs

Our coring geologists will ensure that core point is picked accurately and in a timely fashion.  Cores are labelled properly and our geologists are on the lease with the roughneck and coring hand once the core is on the bank and ready to be split up.  Accurate and timely core logs are sent to the client for their analyses after each core.

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